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Bulls 2019 end of season press conference today sure to have the same old bullshit

so play along!

Philadelphia 76ers v Chicago Bulls
so sick of this picture
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I don’t blame you for not paying attention lately, but the Bulls embarrassed themselves more than ever the final couple weeks of the season.

Oh we’ll certainly hear how the season was ‘injury plagued’, and further how Lauri Markkanen’s elbow injury in training camp flushed the whole season before it began. Because that somehow shows a lack of management responsibility?

That’s the goal of today’s sure-to-be-nonsense fest, occurring today at 2 and streaming live. Like the others it’ll be spin and getting angry at people who don’t believe it.

There is the big decision of whether they’re actually going to keep bozo Jim Boylen as their head coach instead of doing an actual coaching search for the first time in a decade. All indications are that Boylen’s going to be back.

But this may just be hopes and dreams on my part (I’m such a damned optimist!) but Boylen sounded like somebody potentially on the way out.

It could also be another example of Boylen kissing the ring of his superiors. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a coach explicitly praise ownership this much. That has to be one of the main reasons they would want to keep him: he believes in what the “BULLS across the chest” stands for: fealty, loyalty, cronyism, and affordability.

But here’s hoping? The Sacramento Kings - a team the Bulls owner’s son indicated as one he’d like Dad’s franchise to aspire to be - fired their coach Dave Joeger today. And while we shouldn’t actually want Vlade Divac -esque management , this rings true:

Instead I fully expect them to stick with Boylen because it’s cheap and easy, and waste next season like the last two. I also expect from today a lot of the same lies, pettiness, distraction (oh god a Derrick Rose question is surely coming...) and obfuscation.

Play along with Bulls Press Conference Bingo:

NBCSportsChicago (and maybe Bulls Dot Com) will be carrying this live. Go write #FireGarPax there and then come back here and call them more names.