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Bulls vs. Sixers game preview, injury report, lineups

Jimmy Bowl, national TV

NBA: Orlando Magic at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

GameTime: 7pm Central


That’s right, the only national TV game for the Bulls this season. Maybe that was also part of the reason, along with this string of good play against bad teams, that inspired Michael Reinsdorf to either outright lie or be professionally stupid when it comes to his overseeing of this team (that he doesn’t have decision-making power to do anyway).

And speaking of the overall franchise, tonight’s the night of the big #FireGarPax rally! It likely won’t actually be ‘big’, but maybe the rest of the crowd will be sparse enough to where they’re at least heard? Good for them, screw these dips in charge. Even though it’s somewhat counterproductive to spend money on the team you’re protesting, maybe hearing from actual paying customers will break through some of this darned confusion the Bulls have about their perception. Paxson knows this is happening and publicized it on the radio last month, HA.

Injury Report:

No Joel Embiid again for the Sixers. And a couple backup bigs are out as well in BOBAN and Jonah Bolden. It’s so dire that Amir Johnson is starting, and Justin Patton has actually come into games off the bench. You remember Patton as the guy the Timberwolves selected with the Bulls pick in 2017 and that allowing ‘observers’ to tie themselves into knots justifying that the Bulls trade of Butler was actually good.

For the Bulls tonight, nothing out of the usual. But speaking of the longer-term injuries, this made me cackle when I saw it last night:


Both teams played last night, so this could be a fugly one. The Bulls lost in Indianapolis and the Sixers had a fairly comfortable victory at home against the Magic.

Philly is 7-3 since acquiring Tobias Harris to make their ‘Big 4’, but it’s still been a somewhat weird setup especially with Embiid out of the lineup now.

They’re still gunning for the 3rd slot in the conference, currently only a half-game behind the Pacers, as that has them guaranteed to avoid the other big East players (including the shabby-ass Celtics) until the second round.

As for Butler, the only guys playing on this Bulls team who played with him are Robin Lopez and Cristiano Felicio. I’m sure he still wants to kick his original team in the nuts tonight though. If you recall (and if you don’t, a Bulls reporter will remind you like it was some historic franchise moment), Butler fell just short of Zach LaVine’s point total when his Timberwolves team lost in the Bulls home arena last season.

I’m more interested to see if there’s a Van Gundy (or two) on the telecast to rip Bulls management. Outside voices!