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Bobby Portis says he has nothing bad to say about Bulls, says bad things about Bulls

Bobby Portis opens up about the trade, says Gar lied

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Bobby Portis took his trade from the Bulls to the Wizards hard. The deal went down right before the Bulls faced the Pelicans last Wednesday night, and there were multiple anecdotes about how down he looked as he left the United Center.

Portis then made waves with these string of tweets, but when the Bulls faced Portis and his new team over the weekend, he said he was just having “fun”:

Portis added then that he didn’t “have anything bad to say about anybody” in Chicago, per K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune.

Portis said similar things in a more recent interview with Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype, calling them a “first-class organization” that does “everything the right way.”

Except in this very same interview, Portis also literally said his trade wasn’t handled “the right way” and that he wishes he was notified of talks beforehand.

Furthermore, Portis claims Bulls GM Gar Forman told his agent he wouldn’t be traded unless a superstar was coming to Chicago, which led him to believe he wasn’t going anywhere. Here’s how it all played out, according to Portis:

It’s been a crazy two weeks. On Sunday [before the trade deadline], I was seeing rumors and stuff on Twitter and Instagram so I called my agent. I asked him, “Am I in trade talks?” My agent immediately called Gar Forman, who is the GM of the Bulls. Gar Forman said, “No, it would have to be a blockbuster trade. If we were getting [a superstar like] LeBron James or Kevin Durant, then yeah, we’d trade Bobby. But [otherwise], no, we’re not trading Bobby.”

So Tuesday comes around and I’m at a G-League game when my agent called me. He said he got a call from Gar and [Bulls VP of Basketball Operations] John Paxson and they were asking questions like, “Does Bobby really want to be here? Does Bobby love being a Bull? Is he fine with his role?” I’ve been having a good year and I guess they were trying to see if I still wanted to be in Chicago. And, obviously, my answer was yes. Who doesn’t want to play for the great city of Chicago? Who doesn’t want to play at United Center and be a Bull?

On Wednesday, [I’m thinking], “I know for sure that I’m going to be a Bull after the deadline.” We had a game that night, so I went through my pregame routine, got taped, put my jersey on and sat in the locker room. Twenty-three minutes before the game started, one of the coaches told me that our head coach, Jim Boylen, wanted to talk with me. I walked into his office and I see Gar, Pax and Coach Boylen. They told me that they had agreed in principle to trade me. I asked, “Where am I going?” Then, they were hesitant to say. They finally said the Wizards.

This certainly doesn’t seem to reflect all that well on the organization, at the very least more fuel is added to the fire about the Bulls’ perception issues the front office doesn’t think they have.

Note: Portis was told of the trade before it broke to the media, just not of the negotiations going on. (also, the detail that they were “hesitant” to tell Portis he was going to the Wizards is pretty hilarious - going from one bad situation to another?). But Portis is implying the Bulls broke promises to him and surprisingly doubted his desire to be a Bull for the long haul, especially given he was quite vocal about the whole BULLS ACROSS THE CHEST thing. The Bulls reportedly did offer him up to a $50 million extension this past offseason, which he turned down, but that was more him betting on himself than not wanting to be here.

Portis was back on Twitter after this HoopsHype interview was published, taking issue with K.C. Johnson painting some of these most recent comments as negative to the organization. But no matter what he said glowingly about the Bulls, these are certainly negative comments.