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Bulls vs. Bucks Game Preview, Injury Report, Lineups

Giannis likely playing, so that’s a wrap

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Bulls vs. Bucks

7pm, NBCS Chicago

Injury Report:

Giannis Antetokounmpo is likely playing, after missing the Bucks last game that they totally biffed.

Unfortunately for those who want to see old favorites plus GarPax humiliated every now and then (or daily?), no “Niko’s back” tonight. He has still yet to play since being acquired by the Bucks at the trade deadline, coming back from a calf injury. From the same random name generator that brought you Ryan Arrivederci, Donte DiVincenzo is also out for the Bucks.

For the Bulls, nothing new here, including Zach LaVine playing through sore ankles every game apparently. And really, if we can’t get Zach to play through soreness now, how are we to expect a deep playoff run under coach Boylen in the future?!?!?

If these trends continue...

So far, Boylen has shown a complete ignorance to advanced metrics, though not yet an outright hostility to them. I really think he just doesn’t know rebound rate versus counting total rebounds. But surprisingly he did quote “offensive efficiency” in reading to the media today that the Bulls are first in this category over their last 5 games.

This is true! Wacky!

And also to Boylen’s credit, he didn’t say “we’re tougher” when ascribing the reasons.

We’ve simplified our offensive selections. We’ve played more out of flow. And we put in a multiple ballhandler system in the last 30 days where we designate that certain guys can handle the ball off the board and bring it. Other guys have to honor that by running, spacing, giving them a lane.

Lauri Markkanen, who’s had three of his last 4 games go for 30+ , looks to be benefiting the most.

It’s just 4 games, and against turd-ish teams, and Boylen still literally says aloud that he wants to slow the game down, go into the post, and ‘force teams to guard us’ we shall see if this holds up even beyond tonight. The Bucks are the league’s #1 defense.

And as we’ve learned, the Milwaukee franchise not only serves as an easier commute from the northern suburbs it’s been a much better product. They have features written about their turnaround. Anthony Davis wants to play for them (yes, John Paxson, that specific player!), and their owner is even getting wrist-slapped for tampering. The mighty big market of Milwaukee. Meanwhile we’re out here saying the past 5 games even though we’re getting drilled the offense has been better.