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Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors: Preview, Injury Report, and Open Thread

Three in a row or is that too much to ask?

Chicago Bulls v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Chicago Bulls (8-14) vs. Golden State Warriors (4-19)

7:00 p.m., NBC Sports Chicago

Injury report:

No Otto Porter for at least a few more weeks. Still no Chandler Hutchison. Thaddeus Young is also missing tonight’s contest due to a personal reason.

For the Warriors, D’Angelo Russell returned after missing the previous 9 games (including the matchup with the Bulls), only to get nicked up again but he is going to play.

The Last Time:

In a season full of some pretty terrible losses, this may have been the worst. The Warriors pulled away late to win by 14. Eric Paschall dominated the Bulls frontline to the tune of 25 points while Zach LaVine looked like the only Bulls player with interest in playing offense. He had 36 points and was one of two Bulls players in double figures.

The Warriors followed up their win against the Bulls with a still current four-game losing streak which included double digit losses to the Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic.


Let’s try this again.

The Warriors still have the worst record in the league. They still don’t have Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson obviously. As mentioned above, they are riding a four game losing streak with some ugly losses against fellow really bad teams thrown in there. D’Angelo Russell is back, but his presence didn’t prevent the Warriors from losing against the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Bulls actually have a little bit of momentum and have taken advantage of a lull in the schedule to string together consecutive wins for the first time this season. Granted, they came against Sacramento Kings and Memphis Grizzlies teams without their best players but these were games you need to win and the Bulls actually took advantage when they haven’t in previous instances this season.

Basically, despite what I wrote in previous articles about how the Bulls are at the point where there’s no team that we should expect them to beat I’ll take that back for one night. A home game against the Golden State Warriors in their current state when you’re riding the momentum of your first winning streak of the season warrants no excuse to lose to the Warriors.

NBC Sports writer Ali Thanawalla makes a good point though. The Warriors suck this year, but they will probably not be the butt of NBA jokes for too long. They legitimately may get the No. 1 pick next summer and get to pair that potential franchise changer with a healthy Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and D’Angelo Russell next season.

So, don’t feel too bad for the Warriors because they’ll probably go right back to terrorizing the NBA next season. Consider this season the fastest “rebuild” ever. Take notes Bulls.

The Bulls are only 2.5 spots back of the eighth playoff position in the Eastern Conference. It’s probably too early to talk or care about this but here we are.

Prediction: Bulls scrape together 35-38 wins fueled by a random stretch in February where they win something like seven or eight of ten games, sneak into the eighth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, beat the Milwaukee Bucks in game 1 of the quarterfinals only to unceremoniously lose four straight, and then the narrative becomes the rebuild is on track.

Whether this is the right way to frame the rebuild is definitely to be determined.


The Warriors 17.4 percent winning percentage is on pace to be tied for the worse win-loss percentage in franchise history. The Warriors won the same percentage of games during the 1952-1953 season when they were still the Philadelphia Warriors.

Back then, there were just 10 teams in the NBA and only two of those teams still exist today (the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks).


The Bulls are paying attention to the analytics guys.