Rumor: trade Thad for Mo Harkless?

Evidently, the Clippers have shown interest in Thad Young.

The Clippers do not have many draft assets since they gave up all their 1st rounders in the Paul George trade. They do have Mo Harkless' expiring salary and still have some 2nd round picks available, including Detroit's 2021 and 2023 2nd rounders. However, if they traded Detroit's 2021 2nd rd pick, they would be without any pick in the 2021 draft so I think it is doubtful they give that up as Detroit figures to be going full rebuild potentially as soon as next year so that piece may be very valuable.

Thad makes about $14 mil this and next year and has a $6 mil partial guarantee in the 2021-2022 season. Harkless' contract is expiring and is $11 mil this year.


  • Would you trade Thad for Harkless + whatever else for salary matching as a salary dump? As in, if the Clippers offers the Bulls a salary dump and Mo Harkless, a helpful wing, would that be enough? Many have been critical on this board of Thad.
  • Would your opinion change if the Clippers threw in their 2022 or 2023 2nd round pick?
  • Would your opinion change if that 2nd rounder were Detroit's 2023 2nd round pick?

My opinion is the Bulls need another true SF wing. Porter is not expected back for another 6 weeks potentially and there is no guarantee he will stay healthy the rest of the year. Hutchison has not shown promise with his shooting ability and has not been healthy. Valentine still frustratingly doesn't get as much court time as he deserves and is an SG at 6'5, not a SF, despite some beliefs out there. Harkless has shot the 3 ball well the last 2 out of 3 years, is very mobile, and plays good defense.

Trading Thad leaves the Bulls a hole at backup PF. No one else can fill that role, unless Kornet is made into a PF and I think that would be a bad decision. Harkless is also on an expiring deal so there is no guarantee he would stick around either.

So it is tough. Harkless would make the starting 5 better but would leave a huge hole on the bench. Thoughts?

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