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Otto Porter Jr. is going to be out for another month at least

damned feet

Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

Otto Porter Jr. hasn’t played since exiting in the 1st half on November 6th. At first the injury had an extreme lack of information, but last week the Bulls classified it as an ‘edema’ (aka bone bruise) that would have him reassessed in two weeks.

Today that time for reassessment has been extended to 4 weeks from today, and they’ve found a fracture.

confirmed the bone injury and healing response in Porter’s left foot consistent with a small fracture that has become more clearly defined with repeated imaging over the last five weeks. Porter will continue his current period of immobilization and progress as tolerated over the next four weeks when he will be reassessed.

Foot injuries in NBA players is no good. Porter is a walking injury risk with his publicized hip condition, and now this is just compounding that.

Of course we now turn to the Bulls and see if they screwed this up. This is a weird one. There was an injury to Porter on November 3rd that he played through, but it was reported as an ankle sprain. Upon rewatch this may have been this foot injury?

After that game on 11/3, Porter was held out of practice, and then started a back-to-back (something the team said in preseason they’d monitor...) two days later playing 27 minutes against the Lakers followed by nearly 12 in Atlanta.

You can try to look through the tape to see if Porter is favoring anything at all (I couldn’t, he looked to be playing well), but here he is asking out of that game.

The Bulls have many, MANY problems this season. But not having Porter is certainly a big one. Heading into the season he was arguably their best two-way player, and at a position of real need. If it isn’t already, by the time he returns the season may be lost.