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Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks: Game Preview, Injury Report, and Open Thread

don’t go small

Chicago Bulls v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Chicago Bulls (4-9) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (9-3)

7:00 p.m., NBC Sports Chicago

Injury Report:

Otto Porter is out for a while, we think. And now Luke Kornet, who had been relegated to DNPs recently anyway, is out after some nose surgery.

For the Bucks, same as last matchup: no Khris Middleton

The Last Time:

Ryan Arcidiacono did a dang good job on Giannis Antetokounmpo in the fourth quarter of the Bulls 124-115 loss against the Milwaukee Bucks last Thursday.

The Greek Freak missed all three of his shot attempts in the fourth quarter when Arcidiacono was the primary defender on him. The problem was the Bulls were using a three guard lineup and on all three of those misses the Bucks collected the offensive rebound and either got a second-chance basket or made a trip to the free-throw line.

In the fourth quarter, the Bucks collected six offensive rebounds largely because the Bulls used at least a three sometimes a four guard lineup for the entire quarter. It was coaching mistake that contributed to the Bulls losing the game.

When the Bulls play the same opponent twice within a few games it’s always fascinating to see the adjustments both coaches make. Former Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg wasn’t very good at this so we’ll see if Jim Boylen does better.


Something pretty freaking cool happened on Sunday when the Indiana Pacers played the Milwaukee Bucks.

It was the first time in NBA history that three sets of brothers all played in the same game and all of them scored. The Lopez brothers, Holiday brothers, and Antetokounmpo brothers were part of that. The Bucks won that game in convincing fashion and are playing great basketball winning seven of their last eight games with the lone hiccup a loss to the Utah Jazz.

Meanwhile, the Bulls are either 1). playing really bad right now 2). are really bad or 3). are both.

Hope and pray that it is number one and this is just a rough stretch and the Bulls eventually figure it out. Yes, it’s a young roster but the way Lauri Markkanen has looked this season combined with Zach LaVine looking like a third or fourth option miscast as the go-to scorer is very concerning. A hyped up free agent class has underperformed for the Bulls, Coby White has been either really good or really bad, and guys like Kris Dunn, Chandler Hutchison, and Ryan Arcidiacono are role players that maybe don’t crack a rotation on a team that is actually contending. To cap it all off, many Bulls fans are already done with the whole Jim-Boylen-is-head-coach-of-the-Chicago-Bulls reality. So there’s a decent amount of evidence working against the Bulls-will-figure-it-out-eventually narrative.

Wendell Carter Jr., arguably the star of the team so far, has been one of the few bright points of this young season.

The NBA is a star driven league and the contending teams usually have multiple stars. Do the Bulls have multiple guys on their roster who can develop into legitimate NBA stars? That is the million dollar question and the answer right now probably isn’t good for the Bulls.


Shout out to our guy Mark for digging up this stat.


The “no duh” statement of the week per NBC Sports Chicago writer K.C. Johnson.

“We’ve pissed away a lot of games I think we should’ve won.” -Zach LaVine.

Losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte Hornets, New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers and Brooklyn Nets without their three best players all qualify as games the Bulls have pissed away.

Must See Multimedia:

Been consuming my time watching collegiate runners that have vlogs on YouTube because I get too nostalgic about when that used to be me.

A runner at Georgetown has a popular vlog and in one of his random episodes from last spring Joakim Noah makes an appearance.

So, in the interest of giving the people the content that they want it gave me the idea to do a Joakim Noah update. Noah with his kids is the content you need to finish off your Monday strong anyway so you’re welcome.

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