what is the Boylenism "fill our buckets" about?

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This is a new thing. In preseason Boylen said "fill our boxes" which I found strange as you typically 'check' boxes. But he's clearly leaned into 'fill our buckets' lately

Said it on the outset of camp

today...and I think several times in recent scrums, I just don't want to re-listen

I don't think this is an expression? At least from what I've seen in the wide world of sports.

It does appear to be prevalent in postivity-thinking mumbo-jumbo

like this book

To sum it up, the book focuses on bucket fillers. The author explains that we all have invisible buckets we carry around. When these buckets are full, we are happy! When these buckets are empty, we are grumpy (or as my kids call it Crankenstein... another book worthy of your children's library). We can fill buckets by being kind, sharing, making great choices... and while we fill others' buckets, we fill our own in the process! It's a win-win! On the flip-side, when we are bucket dippers, we dip from others' buckets, making them sad, but also ourselves. An example of bucket dipping would be not sharing, hitting, saying hurtful things, etc.

and it being applied by Christians doing 'good works'

Not so much in basketball coaching, but players might be more susceptible inclined to listen to this than jaded cynical fuckers like yours truly? To me it still read like 'checking boxes', but Boylen may be all about using a morning shootaround to better positively influence young men's LIVES.

This would also be a marked change from Boylen's first season, where he would follow every loss by bus-tossing his players and saying they weren't 'tough'

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