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Bulls first practice goes 3 hours and has 2 injuries

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Camp Boylen is underway!

Chicago Bulls v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

This is probably unfair, but it sure does seem very Bulls that they once again had injuries on the first practice of training camp.

After a 3-hour practice, Bulls head screamer Jim Boylen emerged with an injury report:

  • a ‘day to day’, ‘not worried’ ankle sprain for Wendell Carter
  • a ‘potentially more significant, Markkanen-2018-esque elbow hyperextension for Daniel Gafford

With Luke Kornet already out, the Bulls center rotation is now Felicio and Felicio-only.

Remember, John Paxson blamed the players not being in their building enough for past injuries, yet was very encouraged by this summer’s attendance.

3 hours seems long, right? Per Boylen this is all by of a week and a half ago:

Jim Boylen is opting for one long practice in first week of camp as opposed to double sessions, one of which has to be non-contact: “I didn’t make that decision until about 10 days ago. (It was) the work I saw in September, the spirit and professionalism.”