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Bulls vs. Nets Game Preview, injury report, lineups

Sunday daytime hoops

Lake Mead At Historic Low Levels Amid Drought In West Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Getting this one up quick and dirty because it’s tough to see many people watching this one.

It’s a 2:30pm Sunday game.

The Chicago Bears are going to be playing in a playoff game at that time.

The Nets are pretty interesting but not altogether exciting.

The Bulls are involved.

BUT, maybe Jim Boylen was slow-playing us by slow-playing his team, and the Justin Holiday trade has meant he’s opened things up? And Kris Dunn is actually the next point god? They looked that way - at least for the first half - in their last game. We just have to trust Boylen!

And more positive momentum this week is coming as Bobby Portis is scheduled to make his return after missing the last 7 games with an ankle sprain. This will only be the 10th game he’s played in all year. Media keeps asking Boylen about Jabari Parker’s availability, made even worse after he actually threw him out there in that Pacers loss on Friday, and Boylen was as coy as a dumb-sounding person can be but I think it’s pretty safe to say that Portis coming back means no minutes for Parker.

As for the Nets, per B-R they have 3 guys with the dreaded ‘no timetable to return’ in Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Allen Crabbe, and Caris LaVert. I see there’s a “Dzanan Musa” who’s listed as out, and thought maybe that was the random guy who looked good in their last game against the Bulls, but no that was Rodions Kurucs. BlogABull Dot Com regrets any confusion.

If you recall (I didn’t!) that last game was a typical bad-team game from the Bulls where they held it close only by junking it up, then choked late. Hopefully this one is less like that and more like the game against Indiana, though if there’s a daytime Eastern Conference game and nobody around to see it, does it still suck?