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Bulls vs. Nets game preview and open thread

another rebuilding team better than the Bulls

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Chicago Bulls Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t have much motivation for a game preview in particular, the Bulls are on the road and they suck eggs so they’ll likely lose. And it won’t be in the “good I’m dyin’ for lyin’ to myself about zion” way either, it’s be the Jim Boylen way.

So let’s instead talk about the Brooklyn Nets franchise. While in the Lowe Post podcast yesterday the Bulls were summarily dismissed, Lowe had this on the Nets:

All this buzz, this is the next buzz-y team now, they’re over .500 they’ve risen out of the hole...

D’Angelo Russell, Jarrett Allen, the Nuggets Pick, the Knicks 2nd round pick, unprotected own pick, some salary filler, maybe one other thing....

why is that crazy? I’ve got [left over with Anthony Davis] Dinwiddie, LaVert, Joe Harris, I have Brooklyn, I have cap space.

I don’t think that’s crazy. I don’t think it’s enough, or that they’ll ever get past a phone call, but to me that’s not crazy.

Lowe went on to mention that this, right now, is “the sell-high moment” on D’Angelo Russell, who might make the all-star team and “looks like a legit, ‘run an NBA offense’ kind of point guard.

They went on to discuss whether Russell’s improvement is partially attributed to Dinwiddie taking some of the load, and that’s relevant to tonight as now Dinwiddie is out for weeks with a thumb injury. They’re also missing Jared Dudley , so that’s two contributors to the team that shot the Bulls out of their home gym on a sleepy Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago. They’re also on a back-to-back, losing last night in Boston, so maybe they drop a turd and somehow the Bulls get a W.

But zooming back out to a franchise level, the Nets were in a much deeper hole than the one the Bulls put themselves into (and the Nets fired the people who dug that hole, hmm) and have an asset base at least somewhat comparable by developing talent through coaching, and renting out cap space. Just something to think about.

Game time: 6:30pm, WGN.