The Bulls absolutely fleeced Memphis on that Justin Holiday trade

Selden is whatever, but those two second round picks are going to be awesome.

Nate Duncan discussed this on his latest pod — the Grizzlies are blowing it up and trying to trade Gasol and Conley. They have to give up a protected first rounder sometime in the next 3 years, so they'll be starting their rebuild with a three pick deficit.

Those 2nd round picks are going to be hella good. Without a first round pick to rebuild from, Memphis is going to be really really bad for the next two years. I would rather have the first pick in the 2nd round than the last pick in the first round because of contractual flexibility. Anyway, there is a lot the Bulls can do with those.

Not to mention, Holiday has been crap for the Grizzlies. They'd be lucky to get one second rounder back for him at this point.

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