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The Bulls and Cavaliers are playing this afternoon for some reason

I don’t know why either. Maybe exhibition match?

Cleveland Cavaliers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hold up: there’s another Bulls game against the somehow-even-more-woeful Cleveland Cavaliers, and it’s at 2pm on a Sunday? why?

Just auto-simulate and move on to something potentially informative, like getting demolished by an actual NBA team and informing yourselves you stink.

But I think it does count for season record, though really you shouldn’t be hung up on lottery seeding once you’re in the bottom 5, where even a 10.5% chance is not much worrying about versus a 14% chance of top 3. Especially since there’s a 100% chance management will stick around. Both the Bulls and Cavs are in this muck for good. There’s no silver lining, let alone ‘joy’, to be found with this. Trying to do so only upsets me further.

For today’s surefire suckage, the Bulls will be especially shorthanded at the wing as Chandler Hutchison is the latest Bull to be out several weeks. There is a lack of healthy bodies to have these fantastic practices, but rest assured they’re still using a roster spot to launder money for high-payroll franchises instead of bringing in someone who can play. At least both 2-way players, Rawle Atkins and Brandon Sampson, have been ‘called up’.

Wayne Selden is getting the start at SF. Per Jim Boylen, his team has given ‘no thought’ to playing Jabari Parker at the position, and given the low effort style of the franchise I believe that to be the case when they signed the guy too.

As for the Cavs, it’s the same sorry lot we saw like last week, except Larry Nance Jr. is back. Oh and Cam Payne is gone :-(