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Bulls vs. Nuggets game preview, injury report, lineups

no WCJ versus The Joker

Denver Nuggets v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It was an emotionally wrenching afternoon on Twitter on Wednesday, when KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported ‘internal concern’ about Wendell Carter Jr. being out ‘weeks’ due to a thumb injury suffered in the Lakers game. Then a couple hours later the test results came back showing no significant structural damage and the injury being more of the day-to-day variety.

This is smart PR from the Bulls: scare everyone with leaks of injuries to one of the few universally-liked members of the team so everyone feels sorry for you!

But despite dodging a long-term absence, Carter is indeed still OUT for tonight’s game in Denver against the Nuggets. That’s a drag specifically for this game because honestly Nugs star Nikola Jokic had one of his more ineffectual games of the year in Chicago when facing Carter way back on November 1st.

Instead we’re likely getting Bobby Portis at the starting center spot tonight, though Boylen provided some beautiful Boy-brain stuff on not wanting to ‘tip off’ his decision.

The Nuggets are fun and damned good, though they were put in check a bit in their last game when they totally biffed it in a blowout loss to the Warriors. They’re still loads better than the Bulls - John Paxson is legitimately confused as to how that’s possible to acquire talent without top draft picks...sounds difficult! - and either will provide entertainment in blowing the visitors out or Chicago will try and make the game shitty at the expense of their developing players for an outside chance of ‘competitiveness’.

As for the Nuggets Injury report, Bulls non-draftee Gary Harris is questionable with a hamstring injury, and really between this contest and the next one against the Cavs before several off-days you’d figure Denver will just hold him out.

Game is at 8pm central on NBCSportsChicago+, so you don’t have to wait up too late for Boylen post-game theater (as I like to do).