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Boylen’s Bulls have been statistically worse than the Hoiberg version, yes even on defense

and with arguably better talent too

Chicago Bulls v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Came across this analysis on Bulls Reddit* which is an exhaustive statistical ( breakdown of the Bulls this season between Boylen and Hoiberg. They’ve now played nearly the same amount of games under both, having gone 24 games in the season before firing Fred and now there’s been 20 games since.

*(do not recommend, unless you want to see lots of MSPaint-edited works of Markkanen’s head on a My Little Pony with the caption “DAD”)

And oh, what games they’ve been! Boylen, even in the midst of an eight-game losing streak, still has a slightly better win% than Hoiberg, but nearly everything else is worse. Yes, we knew the offense had gone to crap (though only 0.4 pts/100poss worse than Hoiberg ) and he had dramatically slowed down the pace (from 16th under Hoiberg to 23rd) but now the defense is worse too. And that was what all this culture stuff was geared toward. Well that and cardiovascular fitness, and there aren’t measurements for that on here.

I’ll let Redditor u/JCivX take it from here, and he leads with the context that Boylen has had Lauri Markkanen and Kris Dunn to work with:

- Another dramatic difference is in the decline in three point attempts. We are now dead last in three point attempts in the NBA and second to last in three pointers made. The three point percentage actually increased, probably because we are taking less contested/bad three pointers (because we are taking them less overall). Three point attempts make only 27.3 percent of all field goal attempts under Boylen which also puts us dead last in the NBA.

- Another significant change is in the relative share of how we are scoring our points under Boylen. The relative share of three pointers, free throws, and mid-range two pointers are all down while the share of points made in the paint has increased dramatically. Under Boylen we have made exactly 50 percent of our points in the paint which puts us second in the NBA.

Another significant difference between Bulls under Hoiberg and Bulls under Boylen is that assists are way down under Boylen. We dropped in assist percentage (percentage of field goals that have an assist) from 17th in the NBA to 28th. At the same time, turnovers are up (even though the pace is way down) and we are 28th in turnover percentage under Boylen (i.e. third worst). This means that assist to turnover ratio has obviously declined as well and we have been the second worst in the NBA in that statistic under Boylen.

Personal fouls drawn are down although we were already second to last under Hoiberg already. This also translates to less free throw attempts per game under Boylen, we are last in the NBA during his tenure.

I don’t want to yank the whole thing but there’s yet more on rebounding (still bad, getting worse) and fast-break points (offense and defense) that’s quite interesting. Obviously there’s strength-of-schedule and garbage-time factors at play too but this is overall an informative sample to work with.

So go check it out, including this handy chart with the fabulous ‘Hoi/Boy’ headings.