Woj & Andrews: Jim Boylen Renegotiated His Contract

I'm not entirely clear on the importance of this, but apparently news is out on the wires that James Boylen 2.0 (the 1.0 series had rubber skin, we spotted him easily, but these are new. They look human. Sweat, bad breath, everything.) renegotiated his contract. Allegedly he got a $600,000 raise for the remainder of this season, and another $600,000 if he is still head coach next season. His base salary as an assistant was $1 million this year and $1 million next, both of which were guaranteed and still are.

Drink on the magic word ("flexibility"):

The Chicago Bulls are guaranteeing only $1 million in salary for Jim Boylen's contract for next season, giving the franchise financial flexibility should it decide to make a coaching change in the offseason, league sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and Malika Andrews on Saturday. Boylen, who was elevated from associate head coach on Dec. 3 following the firing of Fred Hoiberg, negotiated the deal himself with the organization, sources said.

In the revised deal, Boylen will make $1.6 million next season if the team keeps him as head coach, league sources said. He already was guaranteed the nearly $1 million in his previous contract as associate head coach.

Boylen also will make $1.6 million this year under the terms of the revised agreement.

Woj cannot resist a wee knifing: "Boylen is the fifth head coach that general manager Gar Forman and vice president of basketball operations Jim Paxson have hired for the Bulls. Chicago is 5-13 since firing Hoiberg on Dec. 3 and has lost its past six games."

So that's a thing. Apparently Boylen got himself a $600,000 bonus for agreeing to alienate players and the fanbase, and the team has a $600,000 option on him for next year. I'd take the money if I were him, but then I'd do things for money that would turn your stomach.

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