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Bulls waive Sean Kilpatrick, confirming that whole thing was pointless

roster update!

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NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Chicago Bulls Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Extremely minor piece of transactional news, as the Bulls waived Sean Kilpatrick.

I’ll just copy some particulars from HoopsRumors

He was at his best in Chicago, posting 15.4 PPG on .439/.396/.813 shooting in nine games with the Bulls, but it seems that wasn’t enough to earn him a roster spot for 2018/19.

Kilpatrick’s $2MM+ salary for 2018/19 was non-guaranteed, so Chicago won’t be on the hook for any of it. However, the Bulls – who were under the salary floor for 2017/18 when they signed him – paid the well-traveled guard a generous $2.16MM salary for nine games last season.

Indeed, the signing of Kilpatrick was pointless and actually became detrimental. Not a prospect that you’d think would be who’d take these spots (he’s around the same age as Justin Holiday), he performed so well it gave the Bulls some victories late in the season that made tank-humpers flaccid.

(a silver lining, there: Sean ‘Kill-Draft-Pick’ was a good one)

At the time, it was speculated in these here parts that Kilpatrick was signed to an above-market contract simply because he had the right agent who has a house in the area.

Also at that time, there was a rumor that the non-guaranteed nature of Kilpatrick’s contract could make it ‘a trade chip’. This would be in a long history of bums who were acquired as possible ‘trade chips’ that were instead simply cut for flexibility.

Kilpatrick now reaches that same conclusion, but the interesting bit with him as since he was signed after the most recent CBA which changed the non-guaranteed contract trade rules, that contract had zero outgoing salary in a potential trade unless that money was guaranteed. So it had even less likelihood as a trade piece than similar signings of years past.

Now, did the Bulls know this change to the rule? I mean...they’re technically an NBA team and you’d hope so? But I’m 80% sure they didn’t know, heh. And if they did know, they didn’t care and signed Kilpatrick for neither basketball nor financial reasons.

Roster status for the Bulls has them now with around $17m in cap room after 12 guaranteed contracts, 2 non-guaranteed contracts (Paul Zipser and Julyan Stone, and they CAN be aggregated outgoing in trades, as their deals were signed under prior CBA), and David Nwaba’s qualifying offer. Bulls can be as high as 15 players (plus two-ways) when the the season starts but that number is up to 20 in the offseason, another rule I’m not sure the Bulls know.