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Bulls draft rumor: point guard is still in play, Bulls enamored with Trae Young

but what then of Kris ‘Dawg’, I mean Dunn?

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Needed disclaimer: This is a Vincent Goodwill rumor. But it’s a heck of a lede.

The phrase “positionless basketball” seems to apply to every spot but point guard, leaving many to believe Trae Young and Collin Sexton are unlikely choices for the Bulls.

But they have no such trepidation with taking either player, sources tell The Bulls appear enamored with Young and are high on Sexton and aren’t worried about how it would affect Kris Dunn’s development in the near future.


Now, again, this is Goodwill, and it’s also draft smokescreenin’ season. For example, over the weekend The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry had a totally different read.

The more I think about it, the more it seems the Bulls will go big at 7 and try to get their length/shooting/versatility on the perimeter at 22. So it’s Bamba or Carter at 7, whichever is available.

But it’d be a healthy development if the Bulls at least are operating under the guidelines that they don’t really have any ‘set’ cornerstones outside of Lauri Markkanen. The Bulls have publicly said similar platitudes about taking best player available, but it’s tough to know whether they believe it. Now whether Young (who we profiled last week) or Sexton (who we weren’t going to address...maybe we should) are deserving of such a high regard is a different question.

This will be potentially distressing news to Kris Dunn, who late in the season addressed his standing in the core to The Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley.

The point guard reiterated that he’s a “dawg’’ when it comes to the court. And with that comes a subtle warning: Whoever thinks they are ready to take his starting spot this offseason — whether it’s a potential draft pick like Trae Young or a player on the roster like Cameron Payne — “they better be dawgs cause it will be a fight.’’

Dunn seems to have an engaging personality, and has me believing it plays a part in why Cowley (who is even less reliable than Goodwill, and says in that article the Bulls are not looking at PG) and KC Johnson (keeps running with idea that Bulls are set with Dunn and LaVine in the backcourt and are just one player away, ha) are such big fans of a player who hasn’t shown to be good enough to warrant a set place in this PATH. I personally am less enthused after seeing ‘closing ability’ during games that don’t count. But perhaps it’s not their own opinions, but ones informed by the team that wants to keep pumping up perception of their rebuilding pieces.

And maybe the Bulls are more easily persuaded when it comes to Dunn, and in general they believe their (and Dunn himself’s) kool-aid over Minnesota stagnating his development and ‘being in our building’ making a huge difference. And thus any talk of Trae Young and Colin Sexton just posturing. Or the Bulls are instead more open-minded than we assume? Expect more rumors either way.