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2018 NBA Awards: Kris Dunn and Gar Forman get votes

Apparently some GMs liked the Jimmy Butler trade enough to give Gar votes?

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA finally held its awards show for the 2017-18 season on Monday night. I didn’t watch a second of it because at this point I basically forgot about the awards and didn’t really care. I guess there were some goofy outfits, skits and Bill Russell giving Charles Barkley the finger, but there were also a handful of votes for some Bulls.

Kris Dunn earned two third-place votes for Most Improved Player, with one coming from Bill Simmons and the other coming from Diego Martínez Cabrera of Periódico Reforma, a newspaper based in Mexico.

Dunn did make a pretty substantial leap in his second season, so these aren’t the craziest votes in the world. Dunn was abysmal, at least offensively, as a rookie in Minnesota before coming over to Chicago in the Jimmy Butler trade. He had a true shooting percentage just over 43 percent and was a turnover machine.

This past season, Dunn showed he can be an average starting point guard and potentially a bit more. He improved his per-minute averages and shooting percentages basically across the board, and his defense was stellar with a lot of promise. However, he still had a sub-49 true shooting percentage and must improve in a variety of areas to be an impact two-way player.

No other Bulls players received votes for these awards (I was kind of surprised Bobby Portis didn’t get votes for sixth man), but general manager Gar Forman got two second-place votes from his peers

It’s unclear which GMs voted for Gar, but maybe those two did really like the Jimmy Butler trade. Or maybe it was just this:

Speaking of Jimmy Butler, he got one third-place MVP vote ... from Joe Cowley. Perhaps returning the favor for being a trusted source? A shot at the front office for trading Butler? A little from column A, a little from column B? Either way, pretty funny.