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NBA Draft Lottery Results 2018: Bulls have 7th pick

no lottery luck this year

New York Knicks v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

No, the Bulls didn’t get lucky.

On lottery night 2018 in Chicago, the ping pong balls have spoken and the Chicago Bulls have received the 7th pick in the 2018 NBA draft. Turns out playing host to the event wasn’t a lucky charm after all. Neither was Bulls representative Michael Reinsdorf, who must’ve used up all his luck being born a Reinsdorf [that’s my shot -yfbb].

The Bulls had a 5.3 percent chance of sneaking in there for the No. 1 overall pick and an 18.3 percent chance of landing in the top three. There was a 77 percent chance that the Bulls received either the sixth or seventh pick. They had a 4.5 percent chance of falling to the eighth spot and a 0.5 percent chance of falling to No. 9.

The Sacramento Kings, who had the same lottery odds as the Bulls, saw themselves vault up in the top 3 and pushed the Bulls down to 7. If neither had won the Bulls had the tiebreaker that would’ve given them the 6th pick.

At this draft position, guys like Texas big man Mo Bamba, Missouri forward Michael Porter Jr., and Villanova wing Mikal Bridges will likely be on the top of the Bulls draft board.