KC Johnson reveals Bulls pick

Stop the presses, its over - Michigan St. "star" Jaren Jackson Jr.

Jackson possesses the potential to be an elite defensive player and tools to become an efficient two-way player. The Bulls know this well because his road roommate at Michigan State was Jack Hoiberg, Fred’s son. His shot-blocking ability should only improve as he matures and gets stronger; he won’t turn 19 until September. He also is adept at finishing with either hand.

The only real question is whether Jack will join the front office or finish his career at Michigan St. before joining the front office.

I'm convinced that each and every thought from KC about the Bulls is directly influenced by what the Bulls tell him. And from what he says, it looks like the Bulls are targeting a big first, second and third.

KC basically thinks the Bulls should take a big man and if Ayton, Bagley, Jackson, and Bamba are off the board, he believes they should take Bridges b/c he projects to be a high level wing defender. I've never seen anyone truly breakdown Bridges defense, so I'd be interested in other people's takes.

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