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Bulls draft tiebreaker results: #6, #22 in the first round

lottery odds are the same between Bulls and Kings

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA televised their tiebreakers for the NBA draft positioning today, using a random drawing to break several ties in team record that determined the draft order.

For the Bulls there were two slots to be determined:

Let’s reveal the big one first: They won the 6th spot, pushing the Kings (both teams had 27 wins, what a year!) to 7th.

Both teams have an equal 18.3% chance in the lottery to get a top-3 pick, and a 5.3% chance of the number one overall selection. If another team jumps them into the top-3, that would push their selection down past 6-7.

The NBA Draft Lottery is May 15th in Chicago.

The Bulls later first-round selection is determined by the New Orleans Pelicans draft slot, which was tied with 2 other teams in the range of pick #21 to #23. This tiebreaker broke for the Bulls in the middle, as they received the #22 selection.

The Bulls have no second-round pick in the 2018 draft, their slotted #37 overall selection is going to the Knicks from the Derrick Rose trade.