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Robin Lopez was tossed last night in spectacular fashion

his second ejection of the season

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You probably missed it as it was a 2018 Bulls game, but there was some entertainment provided by Robin Lopez in this one:

For those of you who were watching this game, you could see this coming a mile away. Minutes before he was ejected, Lopez was complaining to the refs about two separate calls and was clearly heated about both of them. Especially a call which saw him foul Josh Richardson on a three-point shot. Then he got ejected shortly after the second call and it led another classic rant from a Bulls big man.

This is Lopez’s 2nd ejection of the season, and he is pretty high up the NBA ranks with 11 technical fouls on the season. Maybe he wants the season over too, as he’s been relegated to a nonsense role in the rotation.

It brought back flashbacks of Joakim Noah’s rant when ejected in Sacramento where he went and cussed out each individual ref a la “Half Baked style”.

Like Noah, at least when Lopez gets ejected, he makes it interesting and meme-able.