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Fred Hoiberg confirms this season was useless, except for when it wasn’t

we don’t take much into it either

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Remember back when John Paxson bravely looked out towards the NBA and said they were taking a stand for player development, and that their ‘big’ ‘three’ needed time together with, uh, Cristiano Felicio?

Well, not only did the league call it out as bullshit, the trio acquired for Butler hasn’t actually played much together this season, and may not again. And even in garbage time (i.e. the last 25 games of the season) haven’t performed well: an offensive rating of 97.5 a defensive rating of 119.2.

But Fred Hoiberg says you can throw that out:

“I don’t take too much into it just because of the fact Zach really joined the team full time with not many reps with that group,” Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg said. “Most of his contact practices were with Windy City. I am confident when we get all those guys together, especially this summer headed into training camp, we’ll be a lot further ahead of where we were this year.”

Indeed, most of this season has been totally pointless, and likely adverse to player development!

Then again when it comes to Kris Dunn in particular, we really should pay attention to a four week stretch of a 15 point, 9 assist average.

“Just looking at that (December) stretch where we were playing really good, as well as anybody in the Eastern Conference for that time period, Kris (Dunn) was as good as anybody on our roster,” Hoiberg said. “So we really think he has a bright future with us.’’

Upon second look, this is actually somewhat faint praise given the headline reading “point guard of future”.

But still, hopefully this is just Hoiberg pumping up his guys and not the team actually feeling any validation whatsoever on any of these players yet (with LaVine they’ll have to regardless given his contract status)...

...though even before this mess John Paxson declared all three ‘starters in this league’, so, damnit, I guess they’ve seen enough! Big summer for them and their building, the magical place where Bulls culture is forged and punches are only thrown once in a while.