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Jim Boylen shapes his bench as Randy Brown has resigned

poor Paxson’s staff is even smaller

Chicago Bulls v Washington Wizards - NBA Global Games Rio 2013 Photo by Alexandre Loureiro/Getty Images

It was initially announced in the wake of the Bulls promoting Jim Boylen to head coach that there wouldn’t be any additional coaching hires. That doesn’t preclude them from shuffling around some titles, which was announced late Tuesday just before their game in Indy:

Assistant coach Nate Loenser has been elevated to the bench, while director of player development Shawn Respert, has also been elevated to the bench, as he now joins Boylen’s staff as an assistant coach. Longtime NBA coaching veteran Dean Cooper comes to the Bulls after starting the season as an assistant coach with Chicago’s G League affiliate, the Windy City Bulls. Assistant coach Randy Brown notified the Bulls today that he has resigned from his post with the team.

We’ll have to see if Randy Brown is fully outside of the organization...sorry...the Bulls family, or if he’s just no longer on the bench. Brown had the distinction of being from two parts of the crony-pools the Bulls use: he was a dynasty-era former player who fell on hard times and was helped by Jerry Reinsdorf, and he was very close with Gar Forman from back in his college days (New Mexico is also Iowa).

That latter relationship found Brown only being written about when it came to his alleged spying and snitching on the bench upstairs to Forman.

So Brown leaving the bench with Hoiberg does seem like there’s less Gar stank on this whole operation. However, incoming to the bench is Nate Loesner who is from the Forman/Floyd poisoned tree of Ames.

Interestingly, both other incoming coaches Dean Cooper and Shawn Respert were with Boylen in previous coaching steps. Cooper was with the Houston Rockets when Boylen was an assistant to Rudy Tomjanovich, and Respert was an All-American player at Michigan State when Boylen was an assistant coach there.

In Chicago, we don’t want nobody that nobody sent!

And damn, looks like the below will have to be updated with one less name.