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The Bulls organization neither embarrassed nor self aware: “actually, this is all great”

I kinda miss when they didn’t speak to the media

Philadelphia 76ers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Remember way back to last week, when the Bulls managed somehow to botch the firing of an unpopular an ineffective coach by putting in some bellowing meatball while providing nonsensical reasons for doing so?

Did John Paxson hear Bulls nation’s pleas to commit executive Seppuku as a result of his team once again becoming an embarrassment?

Of course not!

“As crazy as it may seem, it’s actually been a good week for us,” Paxson said before the Bulls practice in the Mexico City Arena. “Jim (Boylen, coach) has kind of come in and set his tone. This is a different day and age than it was back when I played, so players have more voice than ever before. But it’s something that can be worked on and worked out, and Jim has a real open mind to all these things. So in a lot of ways it’s been a really good week.

And that wasn’t all, as heretofore rarely seen General Manager Gar Forman popped up his Bert-looking head to speak to the L.A. Times over the weekend.

“Our feeling is we’re exactly where we want to be and exactly where we should be,” Bulls general manager Gar Forman told The Times on Monday in the aftermath of the failed mutiny. “And I know everybody wants instant gratification. But we’re going to try to build a foundation and develop these young guys.”

...But we think what happened [Sunday], I really do believe it’s a blessing.”

Then you add in the ‘the Reinsdorfs paid me for this!” quadrupling-down of Boylen himself...

At least Dan Woike of the L.A. Times was correctly skeptical (some should give it a try), and providing this truth of where the ‘here’ actually is:

The struggles have been met with a mixture of disbelief — the Bulls’ dysfunction even cracking the news cycle in Chicago, where the city is enthralled with the Bears and their recent win over the Rams — and lack of surprise, with sections in the upper levels of United Center mostly empty.

And indeed it does help that these guys can work in the shadows with a purposefully-obfuscating power structure to deflect blame, even when there is a lot to pass around.

But seeing actual change is unlikely, because everyone involved has the philosophy - passed down from ownership and going on for years - that ‘outside voices’ don’t know what they’re talking about because they’re not in our building, and thus should be ignored. Keep going with the guys you brought you here (to the garbage dump) and trust their evaluation with no outside judgement, that’ll truly be the path. Just be patient!

Just another ‘fuck off, we think you’re stupid’ media roundup from the Chicago Bulls.