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Bulls vs. Pacers game preview, lineups, injury report

preseason ‘revenge’?

Indiana Pacers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

So this is surprising, and weird!

I recognize that it’s lame as hell to get motivation from stuff like this, but also leave it to the Chicago #EntitledWithUs crew to piss off an opponent during preseason, heh.

That game was the first after Jabari Parker was benched, the threes were hitting and Victor Oladipo was terrible. Plus it looks like Bobby Portis had a big night so that was probably the genesis of any nonsense.

Portis is injured, as are still the three other rotational Bulls who’ve been out for a while. And Jabari Parker is back as the starting power forward, keeping up with that change from last game.

The other frontcourt matchup is very interesting, with young defensive stalwart-in-training Wendell Carter Jr. taking on Indiana’s 2 center rotation of Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis. The latter came off the bench to go a perfect 12-12 for 30 points two night ago in New York, so we may see similar poundage when the Bulls are forced to go to their reserve (reserve-reserve) frontcourt options when Carter sits.

And as the Bulls have a built-in excuse of injuries when it comes to results-oriented thinking like ‘do you win basketball games?’, we have to instead look at nebulous ‘effort’. They subjectively looked a lot better in that department against the Nuggets than against the Warriors, though tough to say if it was just the opponent or their own misses making the ‘effort’ look worse in the bad game. All we can do is watch out for it, I guess, and see if lazy transition defense is afoot.

Game is at 7pm on NBCSportsChicago

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