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Bulls vs. Celtics Preview: Will Bulls offense finally wake up?

Celtics actually aren’t playing very well this year, so maybe?

Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chicago Bulls (4-10) at Boston Celtics (7-6)

6:30 p.m.; NBC Sports Chicago

Injury Report:

Same old, same old for the Chicago Bulls. I could just copy the injury report game to game, but instead I’ll link to where I get the information.

The Boston Celtics injury report was squeaky clean, but Marcus Morris was just announced as a late scratch due to illness


The Boston Celtics were supposed to be really good. Like, run-away-with-the-Eastern- Conference-level good. Maybe even challenge-the-Golden-State-Warriors-level good.

But so far it hasn’t clicked, even though the Celtics haven’t sustained injuries (their top eight guys on the roster have all played at least 12 of 13 games). It’s like getting multiple All-Stars on the same page is difficult or something, or it could be something else entirely if you believe Celtics star Gordon Hayward’s diagnosis.

Hayward has seen his shooting percentages plummet across the board and has looked foolish defensively this season, although the Celtics still boast the best defense in the NBA by defensive rating.

Meanwhile, Celtics head coach Brad Stevens thinks it’s all his fault. And through it all, Marcus Smart is calling out his teammates in the locker room for poor effort.

The Celtics are a mess. But, there’s a major difference between the Celtics version of being a mess (7-6; fifth in the Eastern Conference) and the Chicago Bulls version (4-10; tied for 12th in the Eastern Conference).

The Celtics are brimming at the seams with talent and will probably figure this all out eventually. With Kyrie Irving at the controls, we have to worry again about how the Bulls plan on stopping an elite point guard. People have continually compared Bulls rookie Wendell Carter Jr. to steady-as-they-come veteran Al Horford and we get to see both of them on the court together tonight for the first time this season.

Teams have loaded up on Zach LaVine recently after figuring out [not that it was much of a secret] that he’s really the only guy on this Bulls team who can beat you offensively. In his last six games, the Bulls star is averaging 25.7 points per game on an inefficient 37.6 percent shooting from the field after his blazing start to the season. The Bulls have failed to score 100 points in four of their last five contests (which is like failing to score 70 points five years ago now that the NBA is going through point inflation), shooting 42.3 percent from the field and 28.1 percent from behind the 3-point stripe in that time period.

Three out of the four games that the Bulls have won this season have come against teams with the same or a worse record than they have. If this trend continues, expect lots of losses on the horizon as 18 of the Bulls next 19 games come against teams who currently have better records than they do (to be fair, the Bulls are tied for the fourth-worst record in the league, so finding teams who are worse than them by record isn’t easy).