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Bulls vs. Mavericks final score: Bulls shooting stays cold in 103-98 defeat

a turnover-y, foul-y game

Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In a battle of bad teams, this time the Bulls came up short. The Dallas Mavericks had a 2nd quarter surge that put them up double-digits, and from then the game would see runs back and forth where the Bulls would get very close but never back on top. The 4th quarter saw mostly Zach LaVine hero-ball that this time came up short.

LaVine was the story in this one for the Bulls because he used up a ton of possessions over the course of his 41 minutes. He finished with 26 points but shot 8-23 from the field, 0-6 from distance ,and had 7 turnovers. He did also have 5 assists, sometimes besting the double-teams the Mavs threw at him. That turnover count actually seemed low after watching the game, though he got more than a few back with 4 steals. One of those was in his hot start to the 3rd quarter, with a highlight finish.

But spurts like this, and another one from Jabari Parker later in the quarter, were mostly done in transition and isolation. While the Mavericks seemed to get their points after better ball movement. Though Dallas also was very...aggressive with their passes, throwing tons of lobs that helped get their turnovers to 18, one more than the Bulls on the night.

Partially helped by Wendell Carter battling 1st half foul trouble (3 in the first, 0 in the second) the Mavericks bench had a huge night. JJ Barea had 14, and Dwight Powell with 11, and Maxi Kleber with 12, including this one on one of Barea’s 5 assists:

As for their starters, Harrison Barnes had a solid game and DeAndre Jordan was slow to put a hand up on defense but had some dunks and 16 rebounds, all on the defensive glass. Luka Doncic was unspectacular - Carter bested him a couple times fairly blatantly - but he did have a huge three down the stretch to effectively seal it.

There were more 3-point misses from Chicago after this, and they finished barely over 24% on the night.

The Bulls schedule encounters some formidable challenges, with the Celtics, Bucks, and Raptors the rest of this week.