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Chicago Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors game preview, lineups, injury report

close your eyes and pray

Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chicago Bulls (2-4) vs. Golden State Warriors (6-1)

7 p.m., WGN

Injury Report:

As usual, the Chicago Bulls injury report reads like a Stephen King horror novel. K.C. Johnson hilariously summed it up.

For the Warriors, Shaun Livingston is doubtful for tonight. Not that this moves the needle much considering all the other bullets the Warriors can shoot at you.


Even if this was a TNT home game on a Thursday night, that wouldn’t save the Bulls.

Sprinkle as much Thibs dust as you can smuggle from Minnesota on Ryan Arcidiacono and that won’t save the Bulls. Summon prime Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, and Nate Robinson out of retirement while poaching Jimmy Butler (minus the ego) from Minnesota and that won’t save the Bulls.

Have the Bulls players switch uniforms with the Warriors players and the guys wearing the Bulls uniforms would probably still find a way to lose. That’s how unlikely we get a Bulls victory tonight.

If the Bulls keep this game within 20, that’d be a moral victory. The Warriors are only 11.5-point favorites and oh my God, bet the trust fund on the over.

But hold up a second. The Bulls are 1-3 against the Warriors since Kevin Durant migrated to Golden State. Two of the losses were blowouts (49 points and 31 points), but the other one was only by seven. Plus, the Bulls did beat the Warriors in that two-year stretch, granted Durant didn’t play and it was a Thursday night, TNT home game.


Plus, the Bulls are coming off one of those vaunted Fred Hoiberg practices. Yesterday, he called a practice even though it was a day after a back-to-back. This is rare, but Hoiberg insisted it wasn’t in response to the upcoming showdown tonight against the Warriors.

So maybe the Bulls will win. Actually probably not. But maybe. Arcidiacono is playing well. But the Warriors have Durant, Stephen Curry, and friends. But the Bulls find crap ways to beat good teams. But they’re bad anyway and maybe secretly tanking? for a top three pick....

Yeah, don’t overthink this one. Warriors by 25+ tonight at the United Center.