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Remember, John Paxson said his team was prepared for a Kris Dunn injury

don’t let him forget it

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Philadelphia 76ers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I feel like we do a good job in trashing these entitled lifetime appointees in the Bulls organization when they deserve it. As Ricky said on their podcast, part of the reason is because we know ownership certainly won’t assess any accountability, and the Bulls media isn’t much better.

So in the wake of the news that Kris Dunn would be out for at least a month, I think it was a proper response to not blame the Bulls backups for being bad, but for the roster constructors not addressing this issue proactively.

Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic - my credit to Bulls media! - agrees:

John Paxson, executive vice president of basketball operations, said at media day. “What’s exciting is we’re healthy. We start the year tomorrow and we’re healthy. We feel we’re deep. We’ve got at least two-deep at every position, so we expect training camp to be ultra-competitive, where guys will earn the minutes they get on the floor, and that is very important for us.”

Had I known better I would have jumped out of my seat, thrown my laptop to the ground and done a Robin Lopez impression: “Don’t give me those BS platitudes!”

No one can fault the Bulls for Dunn catching a bad break on a routine basketball play.

But where the Bulls absolutely deserve admonishment is for their lack of foresight. They never assembled a coherent contingency plan in the event this day came, this despite an upgrade at backup point guard being the one topic all of Bulls nation agreed upon. And this fanbase can’t agree on anything.

The emphasis up there is mine. Paxson went into the season expressing confidence in what they have given their coach, a team that should be able to withstand injuries like the one to Dunn.

He even had this mindset going into the prior offseason:

So as we can already project the coming weeks where the Bulls lose a ton, Fred Hoiberg gets a pink slip under the Christmas tree, and GarPax mumbles out every excuse to deflect from their own job security...remember that Paxson himself said the team should be OK. He’s very likely wrong, but that hasn’t been a problem so far.