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Cash Considerations Podcast: Miss you, Kris Dunn

Jay and Ricky talk Kris Dunn’s MCL injury and the Bulls’ 0-3 start

The Bulls are 0-3 to start the season, and things went from bad to worse when they announced Kris Dunn’s sprained left MCL that will keep him out 4-6 weeks.

Jay and Ricky got together to talk about Dunn’s injury and some of the bad luck he has faced in his basketball career. They discuss what this means for the big-picture outlook of the team and even go over some of the top prospects in next year’s draft. Plus some discussion about Fred Hoiberg possibly getting fired sooner rather than later. Not great!

On a more positive note, there’s plenty of talk about Zach LaVine’s ridiculously hot shooting and his place in the rebuild as a potentially elite scorer. LaVine has his warts, but his scoring makes him far more valuable than a guy like Jabari Parker.

The Bulls will be seeking their first win Wednesday night against the Hornets.