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Kris Dunn out 4-6 weeks with MCL sprain

luckily Bulls have all that point guard dep...oh, no

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Damnit, I just wrapped up a post how the Kris Dunn - Zach LaVine dynamic was looking after Dunn’s first game back...and now it was just announced that Dunn actually suffered a knee sprain in that game and will be out a while.

Per coach Hoiberg, the injury looks very Bulls-y: it actually occurred in the 2nd quarter, but then he was evaluated and stayed in the game, only to have an MRI this morning that revealed the damage.

Dunn has been oft-injured throughout his short career, dating back to college. Though his injuries so far weren’t so much the nagging, repeatable kind that a knee sprain can be.

And, of course, the Bulls went through the offseason putting outsized responsibility on Dunn’s availability , showing gross negligence in the backup-PG spot through this very week as they signed a couple fringe players who couldn’t make the Phoenix Suns. The Suns may have been the only competitor to the Bulls in the worst PG rotation in the league, and now with Dunn out the Bulls look to be firmly claiming that title.

Of course, in a season where John Paxson stressed that, uh, something would be used to measure ‘success’ this season, it’s bad that Dunn is missing out on development time in a very important 3rd season in the league. But it’s worse due to their low-effort work as a front office: now the rest of the team also will see hampered development because they didn’t surround these precious young core pieces with reliable backups.