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Cash Considerations: A Chicago Bulls podcast with Ricky and Jason

Just what you needed: another Bulls podcast.

I know what you’re thinking: I wish there was another Chicago Bulls podcast. Yes, Stephen and Will do an amazing job. Mark Karantzoulis has been crushing it at Bulls HQ. The Locked On Bulls guys are so good that NBC Sports Chicago is putting them on TV now.

But still: you need another Chicago Bulls podcast, ideally one with decent-at-best-audio quality, zero production tricks and only a vague idea of how to actually put this on the Internet. Well, fear not! Jason Patt and I have started a new Bulls podcast, and we’re calling it CASH CONSIDERATIONS. This is our first episode:

Jason and I talked about:

  • Why we chose this name
  • Crediting Fred Hoiberg for benching Jabari Parker in the fourth preseason game
  • Bobby Portis as the most shameless gunner in existence
  • What we can realistically expect from Zach LaVine this season
  • Wendell Carter, future star.

It’ll be on iTunes soon. Thanks for listening.