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The Bulls have quickly found a new radio home

Sports Rad-io Six-Seventy: The Score!

RAPTORS VS KINGS--01/16/2008--Voice of the Toronto Raptors Chuck Swirsky waves to the fans in attend Photo by Tara Walton/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Merely a couple weeks after the Bulls radio contract was rumored to be in limbo after a station bankruptcy, it has a new home: WSCR 670AM, ‘The Score’.

Robert Feder reported this yesterday and it was confirmed this morning on-air. Tonight’s game will be the last on AM890 and Saturday’s afternoon tilt against the Clippers will be the first on AM670. There’s no change to the broadcast team or pre/postgame show*, though as 670 is a sports station you’d figure at least there will be more of a chance of extended coverage.

We’ll have to see how WSCR’s daily programming is impacted editorially now that they are the Bulls flagship. Though they’re increasingly irrelevant, some hosts do have some history with critiquing the Bulls in the past. And Swirsky for his part has a previously-known dislike of some of the station’s content.

*My yearly plea to replace Neil Funk still stands. Chuck Swirsky is a bit of a wiener but is a really good sportscaster, whereas Neil has deteriorated to ‘Weekend at Bernies’ level plausibility.