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Searching for the top five Bulls games to look forward to this year

Here are the top five nights to tune in

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA released the schedule for all 30 teams yesterday, including one for the Chicago Bulls.

As you may know already, the Bulls aren’t going to be very good this season and their appearances on national TV reflect that. However, there are *maybe* some things to look forward to when looking at the season schedule.

Jimmy, Thibs, and Taj come back to the UC

Thinking about the Jimmy Butler trade still hurts. It’s still going to be weird watching Butler play in a different uniform next season. Yet it will be all smiles and applause when he and the Minnesota Timberwolves come to Chicago on February 9th. Like Tom Thibodeau had last season, expect a gracious applause for Butler and Taj Gibson, another player who Bulls fans adored. This is also the Bulls only game on national TV. 100% looking forward to the video tribute they put out for both guys.

Derrick Rose returns (again) to the UC too

This will be the second return matchup for Derrick Rose. He was victorious in his first return back alongside Joakim Noah and the New York Knicks and will try to go 2-0 against his former team. This time it will be different as Rose will be in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform and will be playing next to LeBron James. Rose got a mixed reaction from the crowd, so let’s see what it is like this time around when he comes to town on December 4th.

The champs come to town

January 17th they will be playing the best team in the NBA. Although the game will likely be over by halftime, it still is worth seeing the most explosive offense in the league. The last time Golden State came to town, they lost and fell victim to the force that is the #TNTBulls. Don’t expect them to lose in Chicago two times in a row.

Battle of the tanks in Atlanta

As we know, Chicago needs to lose as many games as possible to get the best chances of winning the draft lottery. One of those teams in the tanking competition with Chicago will be the Atlanta Hawks. The Bulls will play the Hawks three times this season and for two teams with aspirations of getting that #1 pick, these games will play a huge role in determining that. Especially their last meeting of the season on March 11th in Phillips Arena.

Facing the MVP in October

For me, the fifth place spot of teams to watch Chicago play was a close one between the Thunder or the Nuggets coming to Chicago. In this case, Russell Westbrook gives Oklahoma City the edge. He’s a superstar player and with the arrival of Paul George, OKC is looking like a contender in the West. Both players are great offensively and anytime you get to see a duo like that, it’s must-watch.