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The NBA announces the Bulls are irrelevant again

stuck with local coverage, if you even want that

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game 1 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

KC Johnson, trying to hide a smile as he writes:

for the first time since 2009, the Bulls won't play on Christmas, the league's high-profile showcase that has grown to a five-game schedule.

The Bulls also won't make a national TV appearance in the opening week.

Here’s the schedule for the non-Bulls squads of the league. It’s just a pretty graphic.

I mean...this isn’t much content, but some random thoughts driven by my disgust over the Bulls:

  • we get our Christmas back!
  • The seven straight years of being in the marquee regular-season day of the NBA sounds like a Gar Format brag: "we've attained a certain level of success. 7 straight Christmas games, we're really proud of that. We're now on a new path and feel good" Of course not acknowledging that nearly all of said success (or at least relevance) was due to luck and market.
  • The full schedule is out next week, but safe to say there’s going to be a big drop in national TV games. Downside there is it means Neil and Stacey are your only recourse. No ‘rebuilding’ of the telecast.
  • I will miss the annual opening week game where the Bulls look good against LeBron’s team and people think the Bulls are good.
  • There’s probably SOME chance for a #TNTBulls appearance this year, but maybe not! It’d be kinda more fun if the streak was kept alive by not allowing them to defend it.
  • The season moving up is good for the players and the league in general, but means the feeling of dread in watching the 2017-18 Bulls season is more prominent even in these wonderful Bulls-less summer months.
  • Fire GarPax.