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#FireGarPax Billboard to Go Up on July 19th

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The corner of Lake & Racine is about to display the displeasure of Bulls fans.

Philadelphia 76ers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, Chicago Bulls fan Brendon Henderson of Granger, IN started a gofundme campaign to raise money for a billboard in Chicago that would promote the idea of firing Bulls front office executives Gar Forman and John Paxson. It started out as a call to action from the Chicago Bulls subreddit in response to the Jimmy Butler trade, and it quickly garnered a lot of attention from several major media outlets including Uproxx, the Chicago Sun-Times, and even Sports Illustrated.

Henderson announced yesterday that he had come to terms with local outdoor advertising agency View Chicago to put up the #FireGarPax billboard in the West Loop on the corner of Lake & Racine starting on Wednesday, July 19th:

View Chicago, LLC Outdoor Advertising

Lake & Racine appears to be a pretty effective location given the amount of both foot and automobile traffic in the area on top of its proximity to the United Center.

In terms of a response from the front office, Bulls senior advisor Scottie Pippen made an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump last week and was quick to admonish the actions of the fans, labeling them as “wrong”:

The campaign raised well over US $8,000.00, with individual donations reaching as high as US $150.00. Several donations came from within city limits, but many arrived from Bulls fans across the United States and even traveled from places such as Canada, Croatia, and Australia.

No word yet on the design of the billboard itself, but Henderson has asked local fans to take as many pictures as possible and to put them up on social media when the billboard goes live in a little under two weeks. Henderson also stated that the leftover money from the fundraising effort would go towards a purchase of a digital billboard that will also tout the firing of GarPax during the Bulls’ first home game later this year.