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Bulls interested in reunion with Justin Holiday

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i.e. mostly sitting out free agency

Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Outside of bringing back one of their own guys they like, the Bulls have mostly sat out free agency.

Now, granted, this is what they always do. The Bulls aren’t aggressive, don’t have much of an operations department, and the few guys they have don’t work very hard, so this is kind of expected.

BUT, this time it’s mostly the smart play. The Bulls have cover in ‘THE PATH’, where they really shouldn’t be adding expensive veterans with their cap space. Instead, keep the playing time available for the young guys on the team, and keep the cap space available to acquire bad contracts with an asset attached either now or midseason. This isn’t that novel of a concept, and the Bulls will have competition in other teams using the same strategy, but it’s prudent.

There is one name that’s emerged as a low-end young-ish veteran to sign. Justin Holiday. Holiday played 27 games with the Bulls, coming over at the trade deadline the season before last. He was then part of the Derrick Rose trade to Knicks. Before, during, and after his time with the Bulls, Holiday has been below-average but not terrible. And he just turned 28 so he wouldn’t be completely useless, though when Paxson refers to ‘the right veterans’, maybe that’s what he means: give advice but not be good enough to play. The merits of tank-tacular concepts like this are likely worth of another post.

I’ll give credit where it’s due, Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders was the first with this. KC Johnson confirmed Bulls ‘reached out’, and Marc Berman of the New York Post said the Bulls have offered a contract.

So use this thread for Bulls-centric rumors! There’s this other one for the rest of the league.