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NBA Free Agency: Carmelo trade next domino?

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this league is pretty interesting if you participate

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Past-due for a new ‘around the NBA’ free agency thread.

There’s not a lot of teams with cap room left outside of the Bulls. Earlier this week the Lakers signed KCP to a huge 1-year deal, and the Hawks made a more minor signing of Dewayne Dedmon.


Not totally sure Anthony is a good use of resources by the Rockets, but they’re the daring type.

More pertinent here is that the Bulls are one of the few teams left that can help facilitate such a deal (either by generating cap space or using the $15m TPE in the Jimmy Butler deal) if it really is involving 4 teams now. Taking on salary and getting an asset. Knowing GarPax they’ll somehow manage to trade away a 2nd rounder.

Use this for thoughts! Good ones, hopefully?