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Let’s look at some Cameron Payne Summer League bloopers

point guard of the future (one of, like, six or so)

2017 Las Vegas Summer League - Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Purported NBA point guard Cameron Payne had an underwhelming summer league debut over the weekend. Here’s what was said by the Bulls braintrust (specifically in this case: Fred Hoiberg) following that performance:

"I would agree with that," Hoiberg said Sunday, when asked if Payne had a poor feel for the game Saturday. "We watched a lot of clips on that this morning with Cam.

Cam is a good basketball player. He's a competitive kid. He was really disappointed (Saturday) night. It's all about bouncing back, watching film, getting better from it. Hopefully he finishes summer league strong...

...[Cam] can get the ball up the floor quickly," Hoiberg said. "He had a couple good throw-aheads early (Saturday) night. You can't let negative comments affect the way you play. Hopefully he'll be better (Monday) and throughout these last four or five games.

Payne, who the Bulls definitively fit in their classification of “a guy we really like”, had the point guard job to himself in this game as fellow Bulls scouting target Kris Dunn has left the Summer League for some personal reasons. Payne is also about to turn 23 and this is his 3rd summer in the NBA (though looks like he didn’t play before his rookie year, he was probably hurt, which is another feature of the Cam Payne career).

As someone who the Bulls have traded between 2 and 7 draft picks for, Payne should be doing at least passably against Summer League competition at this point of his career. Let’s check in on Cam’s performance Monday:

Looks like more teachable film for Fred Hoiberg to go over today.