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Jimmy Butler has hired a new agent, and he’s relatively unknown

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Butler isn’t getting a new contract for a while, but still

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Somewhat interesting news today as it was reported by KC Johnson of the Tribune that Jimmy Butler has officially hired a new agent, Bernie Lee. It looks like the working relationship was reported months ago, so this must be just making things formal. Butler parted ways with his last agent, Happy Walters, last summer.

Both instances mentioned how Lee has familiarity with the Bulls (and if anything is important to the Bulls, it’s familiarity) in representing Mike James and John Lucas III. I thought that was kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing, but no: those are pretty much his highest-level of clients before Butler. It doesn’t look he has another active NBA player on his client list, instead guys on the fringe or in Europe. It looks like he once was an agent for Patrick Beverley but that was more back when he was bouncing around non-NBA leagues.

Fun with Google can bring you to these pages of the Toronto-based Lee describing his background.

Who knows what this means for Butler and the Bulls. This was apparently all communicated in their ‘positive’ meeting this week. I’m not sure what the Bulls front office has to say that would make things seem positive, and if they have a good plan they should share it with the fans. But while they do have Butler under contract for 2 more seasons (plus a 3rd with a player option), Butler’s happiness or lack thereof could influence whether he sees that contract through in Chicago.