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Rajon Rondo waived by Chicago Bulls

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good riddance, Isaiah Canaan too

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Rajon Rondo era looks to be official over today. The Daily Herald’s Mike McGraw with the scoop:

There was talk that this move was likely, outside of a last-ditch effort to trade him before his contract guaranteed for $13.4m after today. Instead, the Bulls will pay out the guaranteed $3m (hmmm) owed, a number which will be applied to their ‘17-’18 cap sheet. There is the option for the Bulls to use the stretch provision to make that amount $1m over the next three seasons, though early reports are they’ll take the $3m hit now.

Signed as a move by Gar Forman to further antagonize the fanbase (or he was just one of the few who would take the short-term deals that the Bulls were peddling), Rondo had a mixed bag of a season with Chicago, with a lot of crap in said bag. While much better in the final couple months of the season (where he was hitting a couple threes a game at an unsustainable clip) and pretty dynamite in demoralizing the Celtics and their fans for two games in Boston, he was mostly as bad as most predicted he would be.

There was also the added fun of Rondo clashing with the coaching staff and the other two alphas (he created ‘Three Alphas’! so that’s appreciated), with the front office fining him multiple times only to praise him after the season for the great ‘leadership’.

Rondo shouldn’t have been a candidate to return anyway, but especially now after the Jimmy Butler trade netted coveted (by the Bulls, anyway) point guard Kris Dunn. Figure Dunn to get every chance to thrive with starters minutes, with a bunch of other heretofore bad young players. Maybe they sign a veteran, ‘the right kind’ as Paxson would say. Is Milos Teodosic that guy?

I’m not sure (looking like ‘no’). But at least Rondo isn’t. It was a nightmare this time last year after the Bulls sat on their cap space only to court one of the more loathsome players in the league. He came, he sucked, he’s gone.

Speaking of, Isaiah Canaan was also waived. He’s due a $200k guarantee from the master negotiators on Madison Street. Canaan was billed as a 3-point shooter, then shot 26.6% on threes as a Bull. He also started a playoff game after Rondo’s season-ending injury, more telling of how awful the other Bulls PG options were than Canaan’s ability.

As a big-picture reminder, the architects behind a disastrous 2016 offseason that went so poorly they felt they had to give away their best player, now get to spend the next couple years at least choosing and building with all these young players to replace the guys they’re sending out.