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Bulls sell their 2017 2nd round pick to the NBA champs for straight cash

cash has high upside!

Business Leaders Converge In Sun Valley, Idaho For Allen And Company Annual Meeting Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Bulls had the 38th pick in this draft, but after making a huge draft-night trade of Jimmy Butler they probably were pretty tired of making decisions. And they obviously have a loaded roster now. So they just sold their pick.

The Warriors, scraping together talent on that roster with no picks of their own tonight, had the full $3.5m available to spend in a transaction like most teams, and Bay-area based Marcus Thompson reported that it indeed was the full amount. Good news, as you know Bulls fan get dividends from the Bulls massive yearly profits.

(no, the Bulls can’t now send out $7m in a trade, they still can only send out $3.5m themselves, I’m sure they’ll be diligently looking for ways to do that)

The Bulls received this pick from the Kings as part of the long-past Luol Deng trade, where they received a protected first rounder because they were also getting a unique opportunity to immediately get under the luxury tax (saving them $20m then!) that year. Nobody could’ve predicted the Kings would be bad forever and the first-rounder would never come.

The Bulls don’t have their own second rounder (#44 overall) as it belongs to the Knicks as part of the Derrick Rose trade. They don’t own one for the next 2 years either. This saves a lot of money on scouting, and the big board order at Kinkos needs to only be half the size.