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NBA Trade rumors: Centers on the move and maybe more to come

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a catch-call for fantasy Bulls scenarios where they’re trying

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Seven Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Wanted to get a thread up for around-the-NBA moves, as it’s nice to talk about teams trying to do something. The Bulls may be trying as well, but looks like their only plans are to sit on their hands or trade away their only above-average player.

Both Dwight Howard and Brook Lopez were dealt yesterday, and then rumors broke yesterday on DeAndre Jordan being available.

Jordan has two years remaining on his contract worth about $46.7 million. He has a player option on the 2018-19 season, and will probably opt-in to collect his $24.1 million (in a league where centers are becoming obsolete, you would, too).

Jordan also has a 15 percent trade kicker that increases the value of his final two seasons to almost $54 million if dealt this summer.

Bulls should be looking into DeAndre Jordan for Dwyane Wade framework. Jordan is Jimmy's pal and would be an upgrade despite his known limitations. And I wouldn’t be so certain with his player option being picked up so it’s not the dreaded long-term contract. Also it’d get Wade out of here.

In Wade, Chris Paul gets a banana boat member, Doc Rivers gets someone who was good in 2008. But more importantly to them is cap space in 2018, where let's face it they are a better destination.

Now, the report is that the Clippers were asking for a lot (#4 pick and Tyson Chandler from Phoenix) and didn’t get it. The Bulls only have middling assets to sweeten any deal, like Bobby Portis or this year’s #16 pick. But they could offer a lot of savings for the Clippers by expanding the deal with Jamal Crawford for Rajon Rondo. Clippers could cut Rondo before 7/1 to give them some breathing room under the tax (depending on Paul+Griffin deals they likely can’t get under the cap) but more importantly would be totally clear of 2018 money. What, the Bulls think they want to be 2018 players in free agency? lol

Could make a subsequent move with Robin Lopez, as he’d be overpriced as Jordan’s backup. Maybe he gets you an asset and wouldn’t have to be a pure salary dump. But looking at the landscape for centers it’s funny that even one of the few things they could be judged as a solid move, which is Lopez and his contract, isn’t actually that good.

Anyway, use this thread here to lament how the Bulls are hopelessly outmatched in terms of basketball operations brainpower and resources. Maybe they’d use us as free crowdsourcing?