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NBA Draft Rumors: Celtics reportedly looking to trade down to get more assets...for something?

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leakin’ Danny at it again!

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Hot draft rumor on a Friday afternoon, as the Celtics are rumored to be looking to trade the #1 overall pick down to the Sixers for their #3 and...something.

The Sixers have a lot of future picks to spare, featuring unprotected selections in 2018 (Lakers) and 2019 (Kings).

Why they would go up to get Markelle Fultz is obvious. Why do the Celtics want to trade down? Could be just leakin’ Danny Ainge making everyone out there see how hard he’s GM’ing (something I honestly enjoy, as our alternative is the constant reminders that GarPax don’t work hard).

Could be that they’re just not that enamored with Fultz, but also maybe they need more things to throw at a team for a star?

Yes let’s bring the Bulls and Jimmy Butler into this! It’s tough to think of how #3 and stuff is a better package than #1, but, I dunno, maybe whatever they get in addition from Philly is wrapped into a Butler package. Like next year’s Brooklyn and next year’s Lakers. Or the Bulls hilariously take another chance on a ‘future Sacramento Kings pick’ bearing fruit.

It’s official position here that trading Butler for less than a sure thing (or sure-enough as Fultz) is ridiculous, but the Bulls were really close last year for Kris friggin’ Dunn, so who knows.

Happy rumoring!