This series in many ways has been the worst of every possible world

[yanked from the comments as I liked it -yfbb]
  1. Winning two games against the #1 seed, without context of who that #1 seed is, gives them the narrative that they’re "on the verge!"
  2. The appearance of National TV Rondo in two straight games gives them the excuse to guarantee the rest of his contract. He’s not absolute shit, which would be the only way they would voluntarily pay him $3 million + a new FA PG’s salary, because the rest of the PGs are trash.
  3. Dwyane Wade being unable to elevate to another gear will make him fearful of passing on more money next year than he’ll likely see in the rest of his career combined (provided he even plays past next year).
  4. Fred was both exposed as terrible but… see #1.
  5. April Niko kicks March Niko in the balls. Bobby Portis has one good game. Meet your new starting PF, Bulls fans.

Probably more. Every scenario with a question mark on it kind of looks even more shitty to me.

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