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NBA Playoff Standings: Bulls a win away from a 7th or 8th seed

so many scenarios!

NBA: Orlando Magic at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

If the Bulls win tonight, they’re in. They should win, or everybody needs to get canned. Everybody needs to get canned regardless, but a loss to the league’s worst team when they’re resting their few NBA-level players would be a special kick in the groin.

Not that actually making the playoffs would be much more pleasant. It ruins a lot of weekend plans where you have to watch Chicago Bulls games instead!

But it’s looking extremely likely the Bulls get in the bottom of the cruddy East playoffs. After the games last night, there were a couple more seeds locked in: the Hawks in 5th and the Bucks in 6th. That means you could assume both teams will rest guys in their own games tonight, which has ramifications for the remaining 1/2/7/8 matchups.

Tonight, all at the same 7pm time (which is kinda neat) as Bulls-Nets:

Cavs hosting the Raptors
Celtics hosting the Bucks
Pacers hosting Hawks
Heat hosting Wizards

(all of these opponents have clinched their playoff seeds and thus may likely rest guys. Cleveland is already reportedly resting LeBron)


If this helps, here’s a Bulls-centric view