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Remember camp cut Spencer Dinwiddie? He’s back, and killing the Bulls

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Brooklyn Nets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

This is pretty neat. After Spencer Dinwiddie had a solid game and huge impact on the final quarter to down the Bulls on Saturday, he participated in his own film breakdown with friend of the site Coach Nick.

From a Bulls perspective, there’s a lot of examples of Bulls not being able to stick with Dinwiddie through screens. There’s also some poor help rotations, featuring a final play with Dwyane Wade double-team (why is he is in a late defensive possession, who knows).

Anyway, remember Dinwiddie? He was in the Bulls camp before the season, but was cut before the season. Not really on merit, but moreso he didn’t have a guaranteed contract while a bunch of other dudes did. Here’s how those other dudes have performed, including a newest, and most other, dude in Cameron Payne.

[update: I forgot Isaiah Canaan in this group, he’s worse!]

Dinwiddie is second-youngest and on the best contract of these 4, too. Just a reminder that not only do the Bulls get massive roster construction things wrong, they get little things wrong all the time too.